Sunday, May 3, 2009

Need by Carrie Jones

I chose to read this book because it appeared on a "Twilight" read-a-like list. While it does not have the same intensity as "Twilight", it is a very good read. There are definite similarities - were creatures (and not just wolves either), a young girl moves from a sunny climate to a cold and frosty one - snow rather than rain. But the book is also different from "Twilight". It's pixies, not vampires. These are not cute little Tinkerbell pixies either. In "Twilight" many of the townspeople are clueless about the true identity of the Cullens, but in this sleepy little town, there are probably more people who know the secret than don't know it. And Zara is by far a more confident and independent character than Bella. There is indeed a love story, but it's not the intense epic one found in "Twilight". Having read "Twilight" I was able to see some things coming in "Need". I don't think the clues would be that obvious for those who have not read "Twilight". Need has more of a here and now quality to it while I felt "Twilight" had more of a dream like quality. I thoroughly enjoyed both books, but be warned. Even though "Need" is definitely a "Twilight" read a like, don't read it expecting it to be a "Twilight" clone. It's not a knock off.