Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting Away is Deadly

I just finished Sara Rosett's latest Mom Zone Mystery - "Getting Away Is Deadly." Though Sara's character, Ellie, is an Air Force wife, I find that she experiences many of the same military spouse challenges as me and my fellow Army wives. While in the military, you have housing rather than a home. You frequently say goodbye to good friends. The military may ask you where you want to be stationed, but it really doesn't matter what you want. And FRGs, no matter the duty station or the branch of service, can be a challenge. However, murder is not a common occurrence in my routine. But, I do love mysteries. The aforementioned similarities make it easy to connect with Rosett's books. She's an excellent story teller. I enjoy seeing if I can beat Ellie to the solution. So far, it's about even. And the organizational tips are a plus. Maybe someday I will get around to using them.

Other titles in the series: "Moving Is Murder" and "Staying Home Is Killer."

What's on your summer reading list?

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