Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kenny and The Dragon

Kenny and the Dragon is an all animal version of the famous battle between St. George and the dragon. Written by one of the authors of the Spiderwick Chronicles, the tale tells the story of Kenny, a young bookworm rabbit who finds a new best friend in Grahame (like the cracker, except with an E) who is anything but your typical bloodthirsty dragon. Things are going great until one of the villagers sees Grahame and panics. The next thing you know Kenny's other good friend, George is tasked by the king to eleminate the dragon problem. Using his wits Kenny finds a way to give the villagers the show they are looking for, while not losing either friend.

This was a quick read, but if you are looking for something like the Spiderwick Chronicles, you should look elsewhere. This feels more like a lighter version of a Brian Jacques Redwall novel, rather than a field guide about fantastical creatures. (Grahame is the only fantasy type creature.) If you like dragons and would like a less violent ending to the story of St. George and the Dragon, give this book a try.

I'm listening to Tony Abbot's "The Postcard" and reading John Kellerman's "Bones. One is a young adult version of mystery noire and the other your typcial serial psycho killer. Might make for strange dreams if I actually slept.

What are your reading?

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