Monday, June 28, 2010

A tasty new mystery - Sprinkle With Murder by Jenn McKinlay

Sprinkle With Murder is a delicious addition to the food themed cozy mystery genre. Melanie Cooper, along with her two best friends, Angie DeLaura and Tate Harper has just opened up Fairy Tale Cupcakes. All is sweet until Tate’s egomaniac fiancĂ©e, fashion designer Christie Stevens; demands Melanie create five unique cupcake flavors for the wedding. Did I mention that she also demands the sole rights to Melanie’s creation? Of course, it’s no surprise when Christie ends up dead with one of Melanie’s cupcakes nearby. Despite having an uncle on the police force, Melanie becomes the top suspect along with her friend Tate. Determined to clear herself and Tate as well as save her business, Melanie embarks on a long trail of suspects who had no love for Christie.

Though I figured out the culprit rather early (I pride myself on being an armchair sleuth and it’s rare when I don’t figure it out early – so why can’t I win at those murder mystery games? Sorry off topic.) I did enjoy watching Melanie work her way through the clues. I also found the rivalry between her and fellow baker Olivia Puckett comical. We all have at least one person in our life that irritates us beyond belief. It looks like Olivia is that person for Melanie and Angie. Olivia’s antics added comic relief to the plot.

McKinlay has created a sweet read. She even included recipes of some her delicious concoctions. My waistline will not thank her for that, but my taste buds will. Looking forward to the next installment.

I read several culinary mystery series (Diane Mott Davidson, Joanne Fluke, Virginia Rich, and Claudia Bishop, to name just a few.) I've actually tried several of the recipes. Sometimes I'm torn between shelving the books in my library or in the kitchen. Do you have a favorite culinary mystery series? Let me know.

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