Sunday, November 28, 2010

Young Adult Dystopian Challenge Book Four - Pretties by Scott Westerfield

The fourth book I chose for the Young Adult Dystopian Challenge is Pretties by Scott Westerfield.

In this sequel to Uglies, Tally Youngblood fights being a “pretty-head” after undergoing the operation that transformed her from an “Ugly” to a “Pretty.”  In the first book Tally had learned that the operation not only changes looks, but also gives the recipient brain lesions that change their personalities.  Until meeting up with one of the Uglies from The New Smoke, Tally had forgotten that she had volunteered to submit to the operation so she could test the pills developed to cure the lesions.  She and a fellow Crim, the Pretty Clique Tally joined after her operation, each take a pill, which allows them to stay focused for longer periods of time.  But her friend has a bad reaction to the pill and Tally must find away to escape New Pretty Town and meet up with the only doctors who can help him – those hiding in The New Smoke. 

This is book two of a trilogy. While a totally riveting story, it is not one that stands on its own. I strongly recommend reading these books in order.  Westerfield has created likable, but fallible characters involved in a complex and compelling plot. Upon finishing Pretties, readers will want to rush out and pick up the final book in the series: Specials.


Annette said...

I thought Extras was the last in the series and comes after Specials. I could be wrong, though.

Bookwoman said...

Annette - you are right. From the research I've done it appears that it was originally supposed to be a trilogy. Specials is the last in the original trilogy. And Extras is well an extra. I love it when authors do that. Continue a story longer than they had intended - especially if there is still a story to be told.