Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Reading Summary

I really jumped on the Reading Challenge Bandwagon this year. Many of the challenges overlap. Officially I signed up for
  1.  Off The Shelf Challenge - my goal is to read a minimum of 30 books I purchased prior to January 1, 2011
  2. Mystery and Suspense Challenge (sponsored by Book Chick City): goal 12 mysteries
  3. 2011 Young Adult Historical Challenge: goal 15 YAHF books
  4. 2011 Young Adult Book Challenge: goal 50 YA books
  5. Youth Media Award Challenge (sponsored by me) 12 ALA Youth Media Award Winners
  6. 350 Page Challenge: On this one, I'm just tracking how many books I read that are 350 pages or more
  7. Support Your Library Challenge: Again, I'm tracking how many library books I read. The majority of my reads are library books.
  8. 111 in 2011 (the goal is to read 111 books in 2011 - I read 291 books in 2010 so this should be easy.

I also challenged myself to become more familiar with the picture book collection in my library at Chinook. So you will see that I'm ready quite a few picture books this year. This will also greatly increase my number of books read. I happen to think picture books are important and everyone (including teens and adults) should read them more often.

In January I read a total of  65 books. 48 of them were library books. 4 were 350 or more pages long. 9 were young adult books (one of those was YA Historical Fiction). Four were mysteries. 7 were ALA Youth Media Award winners. 6 were non-fiction. 38 were picture books. One was an audio book. Four were e-books. Seven were Juvenile Fiction Chapter Books and two were general fiction books.

How was your January reading?

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