Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Delicious New Series by Avery Aames

Charlotte and her cousin Matthew have taken over The Cheese Shop from their grandparents. They update the interior, add a wine shop and plan a spectacular grand reopening. Things are going great until Ed Woodhouse and his overbearing wife Kristine threaten to sell the building out from under them.

Juggling the demands of running the shop, helping Matthew raise his twin daughters and trying to catch the eye of handsome cheese supplier Jordan Pace are more than enough to keep Charlotte’s plate overflowing. Things get really complicated when dead body is the surprise guest at the grand reopening and Charlotte’s grandmother is the prime suspect. Can Charlotte keep The Cheese Shop going and solve the murder proving her grandmother innocent?

The Long Quiche Goodbye is a mouth-watering read. The characters are well developed. The reader will be intrigued by them and eager to learn more about them, even the less than loveable ones. Charlotte is a strong female character with a sharp mind and a kind heart. She’s definitely a character worth following. This new series has a lot to offer mystery and cheese lovers alike.

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Avery Aames said...

Thank you so much for the lovely review. Glad you enjoyed the book!


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