Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Way of the Guilty by Jennifer Stanley

I recently received an advanced reviewer’s copy of The Way of The Guilty by Jennifer Stanley. Amazon shows a release day of August 31st. The Way of The Guilty is the third book in the Hope Street Church Mystery series. Though I have read and enjoyed several of Stanley’s other series, this was the first in this series that I had read. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. I think the Richmond Times-Dispatch says it best - “Stanley never preaches to her readers, but lets deeds, not words, accomplish their goal.”

Cooper Lee is a small business machine repairman living in the apartment over her parents’ garage. She belongs to the Sunrise Bible Study Group. When her younger, somewhat materialistic sister discovers a dead body in the trunk of her car, Cooper and the Sunrise Bible Study Group feel called upon to help find the killer. Add a good dose of adversity (one member of the study group is fighting cancer), a love triangle (Cooper’s relationship with Nathan, a fellow study group member is hampered by her attraction a local bad boy) and some comic relief (Cooper’s Grammy keeps things from getting too serious) and you have an excellent read.

This is a must read for readers who enjoy cozy mysteries and also like a little spiritual fortification with their reading.

Once again, I now have a new series to add to my ever-growing favorite reads list.

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