Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Dertling

Cover from Goodreads - http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7827221-desires-of-the-dead

Violet has a curious gift: the ability to sense the echoes emitted by murder victims.  Only her boyfriend Jay and her closest family know.  But when she locates the body of a missing boy sought by the FBI she puts herself firmly on their radar.

As if dealing with regular calls from the FBI isn't enough, threatening notes are being left on her doorstep, and she feels disturbing echoes around the home of Jay's new best friend.  Violet needs answers fast...

Violet should feel closer to Jay now he's moved from best friend to boyfriend, but she hasn't told him what's worrying her.  She tells herself she's protecting him, but is their fledgling relationship strong enough to cope?

As Violet faces her fears alone she uncovers dark truths that lead her to danger...

Violet has a secret.  The dead call out to her. She can't hear them speak, but she can the imprints of their death and that same imprint is on their killers. Only her family and her boyfriend, Jay, know she has this ability.

She sees and hears the echos of the deadViolet has the ability to detect echos left behind by murder victims, the same echos that are carried around by their killers.  This has always been a closely guarded secret known only by her family and her best friend (and now boyfriend) Jay but it now looks like someone else has found out.  With the FBI constantly asking questions and someone leaving threatening notes for Violet she has a lot on her plate.  But why is she finding it so difficult to turn to Jay for help?

This is the sequel to Dertling's The Body Finder.  And while I liked the first book better, this one was a good solid read.  Rumor has it there will be more books in this series and I'm looking forward to finding out what Violet does with her ability.

What I Liked:  The difference: Paranormal is the buzz word in young adult novels these days. However, much if it is centered around angels, demons, wolves and vampires.  The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead is a refreshing break from the norm.

The pacing:  Even though I was not surprised the events in the book, I felt Dertling did a nice job of creating a suspenseful story. The pacing is just right for building that suspense.  And even though it is a sequel, it would work well as a read alone.  Dertling pretty much ties up all the loose ends in The Body Finder.

What I Don't Like:   Violet's friends. Jay is wonderful, but Chelsea is down right irritating. I suppose she's is to be the stereotypical selfish teenage girl.  She did come across as spoiled, but rather flat. She's incredibly annoying and I'm not sure why Violet puts up with her.

Violet's secretiveness and lack of self preservation: Violet keeps to many secrets to herself. You would have thought she would have learned her lesson from the first book. She keeps putting herself into situations that anyone with a bit of sense would avoid.

Lack of parental involvement:  I also found it disturbing that her parents are not more protective, especially after what happened to her in the first book.

These annoyances aside, it is an overall good read, one that sparks an interest in readers that will keep them coming back to see what happens next.

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