Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book Addiction

I saw this at The Story Siren and just had to re-post it. Books are my biggest addiction/vice.  Some of the happiest moments have been spent browsing, buying and later reading books - and of course talking books with others.


10 signs of Book Addiction

I have a problem.... do you? If you find yourself nodding your head to any of these statements, you might suffer from Book Addiction. Don't worry you are not alone.

You might be a book addict if:

  1. You buy your purses based on how many books you can fit inside. (Of Course my purse not only has to be big enough to hold at least one book, it has to hold my D90 as well.)
  2. The Fed Ex and UPS carriers, know you by name. (I'm usually not home when they make the deliveries, but I bet you they could rattle off my address in their sleep.)
  3. Your family refuses to buy you books because they don't want to support your habit. (It's not that they don't want to support my habit, it's they are afraid I will have either already the book or bought it for myself.
  4. You own multiple versions of the same book. (Now that I've sort of Deweyed my books this should not happen again.)
  5. You dream about books. (Getting them... meeting the authors that write them.) (I recently woke up from surgery talking about books.)
  6. You always have at least one book on you at all times. Even just a quick trip to the dollar store. (Yep)
  7. You usually help shoppers at the bookstore, because you are more knowledgeable than the staff. (It's happened)
  8. You've been known to skip family functions or outing with friends because you can't stop reading. (This is the only one that doesn't fit me in some form or fashion. Though I have been known to take a book to an outing. One must always be prepared.)
  9. There are books in every room of your house. (Before I organized my books, this was true, now it's just ALMOST every room.)
  10. If you are within five miles of a bookstore, you find yourself drawn to it like a homing device from the mothership. (Most certainly, and it applies to libraries too. I even have a collection of photos of myself taken in front of different libraries.)
Do any of these fit you?


    Dru said...

    I am definitely a book addict and yes I've canceled out on family gatherings to finish a book.

    Booklady said...

    Dru - a woman after my own heart!

    Anonymous said...

    Love this. Hope you don't mind, I posted it too!