Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gabe's Gifts

Gabe's Gifts

I have friend (and fellow educator) who has a wonderful blog Jenbug's Story. Grabbing a cup of coffee and reading her posts is part of my morning ritual (even on Saturdays when I could be sleeping late).  Today her blog talked about Gabe's Gifts which is sponsored by Amanda at Today's Top 20. You should check out Amanda's amazing story - it takes a strong and beautiful person to take a personal tragedy and turn it into gifts for others.  Amanda is sponsoring a blanket drive.  I'm going to try to make six this year (hopefully, more but I am in the process of coming up with my own charity project. That might take away some of my crafting time. I'll have more on that later.)  I hope you will join me.  It's a wonderful way to explore your creative outlet and help others at the same time.

Thanks Jen for letting me know about this wonderful project.


Jenbug said...

Thank you for helping out!! I am very excited about getting started making some blankets too :) love reading your blog also!!

Dru said...

Hi Booklady,

Love you blog. I came over from Lorna's blog.

Booklady said...

Welcome Dru!