Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Break Reading Challenge Activity #17

Create a collage using all the book covers from the books you read in 2010.  I know, I know!!!! I'm crazy!!!  You can do this any way you want.  You can print out the book covers and cut and paste them on a poster board and take a picture of it.  Or, you can do it all on the computer. OR, if you have all the books in your home you can just lay them out on the floor in a collage and take a picture of that.  Whatever works for you.  Get crackin' and get creative!

Well, I read 291 books in 2010 and it would have taken me until the end of January or later to find all the book covers. And as I'm trying to get everything taken care of before my surgery on Friday, I knew I would not be able to meet this challenge. However, I did want to do something related to all the books that I read in 2010, so I typed in the titles from each month into Wordle and made a collage of titles for each month.  The collages are listed backwards (December to Janauary).  If you would like to use Wordle, you can check it out here.  How many books did you read in 2010?

December 2010 Books

a href="" 
          title="Wordle: December 2010 Books">Wordle: December 2010 Books

November 2010 Books

Wordle: November 2010 Books

October 2010 Books

Wordle: October 2010 Books

September 2010 Books

Wordle: September 2010 Books

August 2010 Books

Wordle: August 2010 Books

June 2010 Books

Wordle: June 2010 Books

May 2010 Books

Wordle: May 2010 Books

April 2010 Books

Wordle: April 2010 Books

March 2010 Books

Wordle: March 2010 Books

February 2010 Books

Wordle: February 2010 Books

January 2010 Books

Wordle: January 2010 Books


Mrs. DeRaps said...

Oh, this is cool. Did you wordle your book reviews for each month? What a creative idea!

Booklady said...

I haven't. But I just might for 2011. I plan to be more creative with my tracking for 2011. I've always kept a running list of what I read, but this year I'm going to track the number of picture books, mysteries, non-fiction, teens, etc. I want to see what my percentages are - though as an elementary librarian, I'm going to predict that the highest percentage is going to be picture books.