Sunday, March 13, 2011

400 Miles in 2011 Fitness Challenge

March 13th

I signed up for this challenge, but have not been able to do much with it since I've been recovering from two surgeries related to breast cancer. I have done some walking and some exercise, but I've yet to record my information on the host blog or here.  As my strength has been returning I decided I better record my efforts before I forget.  

For information on the challenge click here.

January 21 - 1.01 miles
January 25 - 1.11 miles
February 27 -  1.67 miles
March 5th - 2.5 miles
March 6th - 2.51 miles
March 9th - 2 miles
March 10th - 2 miles

Total as of March 12th -  12.81 miles. Not very impressive so far, but it will get better. I'm participating in the June Avon Rocky Mountain Walk for the Cure, the Colorado Springs and Denver sSusan G. Koman Walks for the  Cure and I plan to hike up Pikes Peak in August.

I'll be recording my miles on the 400 Miles in 2011 Fitness page of this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Every step/min./mile counts!!

I'm doing a Walk For The Cure in a few months. I can't wait. This one is overnight, and I've never done one like that before.