Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Murder at the PTA by Laura Alden

This book was a gift from my Secret Santa in the Holiday Book Blogger Swap.  Erica from Complete and Unabridged was kind enough to include this book in my gift package.  I was attracted to Murder at the PTA because Beth Kennedy owns a children’s bookstore, one of my fantasy jobs.  

I really enjoyed this debut novel, though I sometimes wished Beth would stand up for herself a little more.  Yet, if Beth had stood firm when her best friend Marina pushed her into becoming the PTA secretary, Beth might not have gotten involved in trying to solve the murder of Agnes Mephisto, Tarver Elementary unbelvoed, cranky principal.  Agnes is murdered after announcing there will be an addition to the elementary school building.  Soon after the murder, Beth learns of a gossipy blog, WisconSins, which provides speculation about the murder.  Beth is surprised to discover that Marina is the WisconSinista.  When the murder threatens Marina, shy Beth embarks on the trail of the killer.

This light hearted mystery provides plenty of appeal.  Beth, though shy and somewhat reserved, is a likeable and intelligent sleuth. Marina provides plenty of comic relief.  There is even a love interest for Beth, Evan, an old kindergarten friend.  This is a delightful new series in the cozy mystery genre.
I read on Goodreads that the second book is already in the works. I hope so. I am looking forward to reading more about Beth’s adventures.

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