Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Snapshot - December 18th

This meme is hosted by Alyce over At Home With Books.  This week I had a hard time deciding which photo to post.  A friend of mine had a wonderful open house where she gave away tons of wonderful backed goodies.  I was honored to be invited and I got some good photos.  But then on Tuesday my husband surprised me with an early Christmas present: a new hedgehog.  Decisions, decisions.  

But I'm going with the picture of the hedgehog.  Her name is Clementine, after the character in the books of the same name written by Sarah Pennypacker.  Clementine is still getting used to us. She's shy and getting good photos are still somewhat of a challenge.

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J. L. Jackson said...

So cute! Very unusual pet, which I really like.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Wow! What an amazing little looks scared!

Thanks for sharing.

Here's mine:

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Trish said...

Aww so sweet! Hedgehogs always make me think of the Beatrix Potter stories.

Alyce said...

I've never known anyone with a hedgehog as a pet before. She's very cute! Do they make good pets?

Bookwoman said...

I think they make good pets. Except for having to clip her nails (which makes me nervous) they are as easy to take care of as hamster and less smelly than guinea pigs. I had one before (Marion after the hedgehog in What Happened to Marion's Book) but she didn't survive a move to Missouri and back. If this one had been a boy I would have named him Hedgie after Jan Brett's hedgehog. But she's another girl, so I named her Clementine. We've only had Clementine for a few days, and she seems more shy than Marion. So we are working on acclimating here. I've been told that you can train them to ride in your pocket. A friend's mom made a pouch for me to hook onto my belt once she's read for that.

food for thought said...

i didn't even know you could own a hedgehog, cute!

Joyce said...


Bev Hankins said...

How adorable! Glad you went with this picture.

here's mine: